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California Chic Traditional Design

What Does California Chic Traditional Design Look Like?

If you are renovating your California home or changing up its appearance, you may be working with a professional who specializes in home interiors design Santa Barbara near me. If you love classic and clean looks and styles, the professional may recommend that you go with a California chic traditional design for your space. This is a term that not everyone is familiar with, and as such, you may wonder what exactly this means and what it consists of. Here is more information on what this style looks like.

A California chic traditional design typically mimics traditional and classic styles that you would find in California homes, while making it slightly more updated. For example, California homes traditionally have beautiful woodwork in them and light colors. As such, an interior designer may look for gorgeous wood tables and accent pieces that have a natural look to them, and then complement those with white linens or light-colored couches. Spanish tiles and a beach aesthetic are also a few of the items that may be found in a California chic traditional design, however, instead of being bold and obvious, you may see subtle terra cotta colors or light blue shades running through the house. This creates a subtle yet chic nod to a traditional California design.

Whether you are looking for a California chic traditional design for your space, or you are looking for something more modern or luxurious, Kisha Gianni Designs, a professional who offers home interiors design Santa Barbara near me, can help you determine what style would look best in your home and suit your needs. Contact us today and let's begin the process of transforming your space into something that looks straight out of a magazine.

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